Tuesday, 25 July 2017


The Future fashion CEO's master class is set to hold August 24th 2017 @ 9am.
This event targeted at providing young entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders on how to transform their fashion businesses into thriving brand Labels.
The preliminary talks would focus on African fashion retail distribution chains,which would throw more light on starting a business in the fashion & beauty industry. Some of the Outlines for the Master Class would be on

 *Fashion Seasons in Africa.How to spot trends and build  collections.
 * How to build a successful Fashion Brand.
 *Writing a  Fashion Business plan...From idea to Startup.
 *How to get the right Tailors for my Clothing Line business.
*Prospects and Challenges in building a successful Fashion business.

Africa is playing in a vastly competitive $1.4 Trillion fashion space with a sub-Saharan African ecommerce market of $31 billion
Still, Africa is largely an unexplored consumer market, just sprouting to take its place on the global stage accounting for a small percentage of worldwide $1.5 trillion global fashion industry with Euromonitor reports showing sub-Saharan Africa clothing and footwear market worth $31 billion.

At 25.8% annual growth rate in Africa, sporadic ecommerce growth is central to Africa’s thriving economy with majority of this growth being experienced in seven African countries which include Senegal, Kenya, Morrocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana. With fashion industry activities concentrated in standout cities and countries such as Lagos for Nigeria and Accra for the Ghanian market, these are providing promising trends for the fashion industry as a whole.

The other half of the event which is the Breakout Sessions would involve Practical classes which would focus on the basics of Photography, makeup artistry, Modelling, Hairstyling, etc

Venue: 271 Herbert Macaulay way opposite sweet sensation.

Admission is Free.

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