Monday, 11 January 2016

Cannes Lions Announces Changes to Awards‏

Cannes Lions Evolve Press Lions to 
Print & Publishing Lions
Digital Craft Splits from 
Cyber & Mobile Lions

11 January 2016 - The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has announced changes to the 2016 awards which will see the Press Lions become the Print & Publishing Lions and Digital Craft split from the Cyber and Mobile Lions.
The addition of the Press Lions is considered to be a milestone in Cannes Lions’ history, being the second award to be added to the competition. Simon Cook, Director of Awards, Lions Festivals, commented, “This is an award that’s been with us since 1992. By renaming it the Print & Publishing Lions, we are evolving the category, just as the print and publishing world itself is evolving, to recognise other forms of publishing, along with best uses of press and interactive press.”
Commenting on the splitting out of Digital Craft, Terry Savage, Chairman, Lions Festivals, said, “The Cyber and Mobile Lions juries have told us that with more and more UX and Craft focused entries, it is necessary to have experts in this field sitting on the jury. We’ve chosen to split it out so that this specialist area can have its own dedicated jury, which will also make the hugely labour intensive Cyber Lions judging much more manageable going forward.”
The Digital Craft Lions will celebrate the creative skills and digital craftsmanship behind the content including the quality of design, the technical execution and the overall experience across all digital platforms and devices.
Additionally, Cannes Lions has adapted and changed other Lions for 2016. After continued consultation with a network of product design advisors, the Product Design Lions evolve significantly for 2016 with expanded and redefined categories that recognise the importance of the product as both a medium and brand embodiment, with new additions including Service & Interactive Design for Products.
The Titanium & Integrated Lions are being separated, with Titanium and Integrated now being judged as standalone Lions. Elsewhere, the Design Lions see a new suite of Experience Design categories and an expanded Social section, and the Outdoor Lions grow to include a large Digital Outdoor section.
As previously announced the launch of Lions Entertainment will see two associated Lions. The Entertainment Lions will replace the Branded Content & Entertainment Lions, while the Entertainment Lions for Music are launching due to music’s significant role within the entertainment sector.
Entries for Cannes Lions open on 21 January. Further details of the Lions, rules and fees can be found
The Cannes Lions Awards:
Creative Effectiveness Lions, introduced in 2011 
Creative Data Lions, introduced in 2015 
Cyber Lions, introduced in 1998 
Design Lions, introduced in 2008 
Digital Craft Lions, launching in 2016 
Direct Lions, introduced in 2002 
Entertainment Lions (previously Branded Content & Entertainment Lions), introduced in 2012 
Entertainment Lions for Music, launching in 2016 
Film Lions, introduced in 1954 
Film Craft Lions, introduced in 2010 
Glass Lion: The Lion for Change, introduced in 2015Health & Wellness Lions, introduced in 2014 
Innovation Lions, introduced in 2013 
Integrated Lions, introduced in 2005 (originally launched as part of the Titanium Lions) 
Media Lions, introduced in 1999 
Mobile Lions, introduced in 2012 
Outdoor Lions, introduced as Press & Outdoor in 1992 before separating to a standalone Lion in 2002 
Pharma Lions, introduced in 2014 
PR Lions, introduced in 2009 
Print & Publishing Lions (previously Press Lions), introduced as Press & Outdoor in 1992 before separating to a standalone Lion in 2002 
Product Design Lions, introduced in 2014 
Promo & Activation Lions, introduced in 2006 
Radio Lions, introduced in 2005 
Titanium Lions, introduced in 2003
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
The International Festival of Creativity, also known as Cannes Lions, is the world's leading celebration of creativity in communications and encompasses Lions Health, Lions Innovation and Lions Entertainment. Founded in 1954, the Festival takes place every June in Cannes, France. As the most prestigious international annual advertising and communications awards, over 40,000 entries from all over the world are showcased and judged at the Festival. Winning companies receive the highly coveted Lion trophy, a global benchmark of creative excellence, for Creative Data, Creative Effectiveness, Cyber, Design, Digital Craft, Direct, Film, Film Craft, Glass: The Lion for Change, Health & Wellness, Innovation, Entertainment, Media, Mobile, Music, Outdoor, Pharma, PR, Print & Publishing, Product Design, Promo & Activation, Radio, Titanium and Integrated Lions. The Festival is also the only truly global meeting place for advertisers, advertising and communication professionals. More than 15,000 delegates from 95 countries attend a week-long programme of exhibitions, screenings and talks by worldwide thought leaders. As the networking and learning opportunity of the year, Cannes Lions is the must-attend event for anyone involved in brand communications.

Lions FestivalsLions Festivals is the organiser of Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Lions Health, Lions Innovation, Lions Entertainment and eurobest, as well as co-organisers, with its joint venture partners, of Dubai Lynx International Festival of Creativity, Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity, and the Asian Marketing Effectiveness & Strategy


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