Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Land Rover seeks global 'emotional' connection
Land Rover is aiming to use its latest global marketing campaign to build a more “emotional” connection with consumers, in an effort to boost its premium credentials.
The Tata Motors-owned brand has rolled out a new campaign based around its strapline ‘Above & Beyond’, the first to be overseen by global marketing communications director Dominic Chambers, who joined in February this year.
An 80-second TV ad, by Y&R, shows the life of a Land Rover vehicle, emerging from a tunnel to experience locations including London, Los Angeles and the Andes in Chile.
Speaking exclusively to M&M Global, former Barclaycard, Audi and LG marketer Chambers said the campaign is vital in forging a closer emotional relationship between Land Rover and its customers, and building its "brand matra”, ‘Above & Beyond’.
“Land Rover fundamentally is an experience brand, as we see it. It is what you can do with your Land Rover to explore your world,” said Chambers.
“Premium brands such as Land Rover need to make that emotional connection, and get people to think about Land Rover when they are in that consideration process through building brand appeal. That is the main reason for doing it – to build that overall master brand appeal for Land Rover.”
The campaign has begun in China, Land Rover’s biggest market, with the marque’s other key territories including North America, Europe, Russia and Brazil to follow over the coming months.
Chambers said the ad, set to run throughout the coming 12- to 15 months, attempts to strike a more emotional tone which works across markets.
“You need to go with an emotional idea, rather than speaking practically about products. If you just talk about the potential of what you can do with your car and with your life, then every culture can relate to that,” he said.
Alex Brownsell, London

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