Thursday, 4 April 2013

No Bull, Dawgs: Georgia and Nike Team Up For a Brand Refresh

by Mark J. Miller 

When you have hundreds of thousands of passionate fans and a legacy as a winner, a rebrand can be a dangerous thing. The University of Georgia and Nike teamed up for such a rebrand across all of its athletic teams, but the pair may have saved themselves a lot of heartache and grief by not bringing too much change to the school’s beloved football team.
It’s been 15 months in the making, and now the world can feast its eyes on just how the pair have decided to “promote a consistent and unified look across all sports” at Georgia, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.
One of the odder bits in UGA's rebranding by Nike, which also just revamped the branding for Oregon State,  is the introduction of a secondary logo that features a bulldog, the school’s mascot, which doesn’t look quite as unhappy and tough as the school’s previous secondary logo of a bulldog.
The launch was so understated Tuesday that it wasn’t even the first thing on the agenda at the press conference. Instead, football coach Mark Richt took the podium initially to talk about his team’s annual intramural spring game this Saturday. What else would come first at Georgia?
Meanwhile, Nike Brand’s president, Charlie Denson, will be making a visit to another university in the coming months. Denson helped lead a “logo and image overhaul” forUtah State and now the alum will serve the role of commencement speaker at the school this year, the Salt Lake Tribunereports.
Below, a closer look at Nike's new uniforms for UGA's famed Georgia Bulldogs:

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