Sunday, 3 March 2013

All the News You Can Drink: Sam in a Can, Watered-Down Bud, AC/DC Beer and more

Mark J. Miller

Get Your Sam in a Can
The Boston Beer Company has announced that starting this summer, Sam Adams beers will be available in cans. The move allows Sam fans to take their favorite craft brew to locations where glass bottles are prohibited, such as the beach, concert venues and sporting events. The transfer to cans will also save the brewing company a ton of money in shipping, as cans weigh less and are more compact than glass bottles. 
Scientists Checking Out Watered-Down Bud Claim
Consumers have filed several class-action suits this week against the world’s largest brewer, AB InBev, claiming that the company had knowingly watered down some of its products and lowered the stated alcohol content of those products. NPR took a team of scientists to the task of figuring out if the claim was true, according to The Consumerist. In the final analysis, the scientists found that the stated alcohol content on the cans came pretty dang close (and often spot-on) to what was actually in the can. The plaintiffs’ lawyer, of course, “dismissed the results and said as soon as he has AB InBev’s internal testing results, the case will be good to go.” 
AC/DC Releases Rock 'n Roll Brew
Legendary rock band AC/DC has launched its own beer, now on shelves in Germany. The brew—AC/DC Premium Lager Beer—has a 5 percent alcohol content. The canned beverage, with the tagline "German Beer, Australian Hard Rock" will soon be available in Romania, Russia and Brazil. The launch follows the release of the band's own wine label last year. 
Nelson Mandela Wants You to Drink
Nelson Mandela spent 27 year in prison in South Africa while activists, musicians and politicians around the world lobbied for his country to free him. Since then, of course, he was president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999 and picked up a Nobel Peace Prize.
Somewhere in there, his daughter Makaziwe convinced him that it would be cool to stick his name on some wine, the Wall Street Journal reports. Mandela isn’t involved in the winemaking. In fact, his family doesn’t own any vineyards, but “it buys product from a variety of top South African family-owned wineries, so long as those wineries adhere to practices – such as embracing sustainability and affirmative action – that are key to the Mandelas,” the Journal notes. 
Heineken Rocking Out For Its 140th Birthday
Heineken may be turning 140 this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still rock out. To celebrate the occasion, it has partnered with Parisian record label Ed Banger, which is coincidentally marking its first decade of existence this year, for a brand new limited-edition bottle design. The idea is to show that Heineken remains innovative and tied to the soul of musicians, PopsOp.comreports
Drinkers at Heineken’s birthday party Friday in France will be the first to grasp the aluminum bottles with the new design, which was made by "So-Me, video and album art coordinator at Ed Banger—he also created Coca-Cola’s Club Coke bottle design in 2009,” PopsOp notes. In the next few weeks, Heineken will also release a special box set for those consumers out there that can’t get enough of the music-and-beer marketing partnership.
Irish County Allows "Moderate" Drunk-Driving
County Kerry Ireland has voted on a law that says having two or three drinks and getting behind the wheel is A-OK. Ireland, which has notoriously strict drunk-driving laws, is less worried about a few tipsy drivers and more concerned with preserving the nation's "pub culture." 
Jagermeister Ready to Fight For Bros
Beer-bro commercials come in many forms, mostly comedic, but sometimes nostalgic and schmaltzy, particularly if the bros in question are father and son. Jagermeister has gone its own special way in its new bro commercials, finding an old bro, legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach, who worked with such big names as Oscar de la Hoya, Manny Pacquiao and Julio Caesar Chavez, to sing its brew’s praises. Roach’s care for his fighters seems to serve as an inspiration for today’s young, joke bros, showing them that there is a more noble way of treating one another.
As MediaBistro puts it, “the campaign’s tone and focus seems targeted to an older, likely middle-aged bro, one who has actually heard of these fighters and knows anything about professional boxing as none of the fighters associated with Roach … are named in the spot.” If Jager wanted to go after the younger bros, MMA would have been a more logical way to go. For those young guys who are entranced by the old-school world of bros, the brew offers a digital extension so they can compete for a trip to Vegas to go work out with Roach and make him a bro of their own.
Carlton Ready to Bring Bros Together Everywhere
Carlton takes quite a different approach. This brewer doesn’t seem to mind hurting the feelings of girlfriends and wives across the globe if it means a few extra sales. The company’s new advertising campaign sets up nightmare scenarios for the bros’ better halves in which good Carlton-drinking pals just happen to be in the same vacation spots together (or bringing one another into each other’s bedrooms). When you want to create a little relationship discomfort, Carlton is apparently the beer to have. 

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