Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Simpsons 'Tapped Out' iPhone/iPad Game Preview

By Lu Yawen, 

EA Games has released The Simpsons Tapped Out game for your Apple mobile device that allows you to rebuild Springfield after Homer causes an explosion at the nuclear power plant ala The Sims but with more fun. 
The app is currently only available for those in the US (through the US iTunes store) but we've gotten our hands on it and it seems pretty fun. 
When you first start, you're greeted with a smooth and sharp video of Homer failing at his job resulting in an explosion. After which the tutorial starts and they guide you along as you learn how to build houses, shops and landscape. It also seems as though each building comes with a Simpson character; Homer's house came with Lisa, for us anyway. 
So far, Tapped Out seems like a great game especially for fans of the animated series as you're treated to deciding what each Simpson character should do and pop-up dialogue along the way. And what could be better than deciding the layout of your own Springfield? 
We also noticed that players can sign into Origin to make friends and visit each other's version of Springfield, much like various social games on Facebook. Keep an eye out for when EA Games will be releasing Tapped Out internationally, till then we'll be building our own Springfield alone (or you could find some alternative ways to get it). 

Source: Design Taxi 

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