Tuesday, 27 March 2012

P&G readies 175-year birthday campaign

By Rosie Baker

Procter & Gamble will roll out a programme of marketing activity around its 175th anniversary next year following the conclusion of its London 2012 Olympic marketing.
P&G is using its 10-year worldwide partnership with the Olympics as the foundation of a long-term marketing strategy but Marc Pritchard, P&G global marketing and brand building officer, told Marketing Week that over the next two years it will look to base marketing around other aspects of its “personality” in the times that are less relevant to use Olympic-themed communications.
Next year, the focus will be on the company’s 175th anniversary but he also cited P&G’s existing CSR-led activity such as its safe drinking water initiatives as an area of focus between the 2012 Games and the 2014 Winter Olympics.P&G plans to continue marketing both its corporate brand and individual brands under the Thank You Mums banner for the next decade as part of its worldwide Olympic partnership. It will also be used at other relevant times of the year such as Mother’s Day and include activity specifically targeted and dads and families.

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