Friday, 16 March 2012

Ad of the Day: Puma

By Emma Bazilian 

Droga5's 'After Hours Athlete' campaign returns to form with an attack on reality TV

Last year at Cannes, Droga5 took home the Film Craft Grand Prix for its Puma spot "After Hours Athlete," a beautifully crafted 90 seconds that shined a light on the bowlers, pool players, foosball fans, and other assorted "after-hours athletes" of the world. The sequel, "Pump Up," which replaced its predecessor's musical score with a round of "Everywhere We Go" as chanted by a cast of hipster-lite partiers, was less memorable, giving us a raucous montage of nightlife rather than an epic dusk-'til-dawn journey.
Luckily, Droga5 is back in good form with its latest for Puma, "Better Out Than In." This time, the spot has a message: Turn off the reality TV and go out into the night. Audio clips of cheesy dialogue (which might as well have been taken straight from the mouths of Kardashians or Bachelors or Survivors) repeat over and over as we watch late-night revelers scatter into the dark, where they might throw some darts, play bocce, sing karaoke, or dance feverishly. The slowly building score, gritty glow of the lights, and wistfully recorded personal moments restore that same bittersweet mood captured in the original spot.
Another version of that same ad, titled "Surfing," also posted below, adds an explanatory voiceover to the mix, but the film's message is already so clear—to quote Puma's own tagline, "Do you want to go out and live your life, or stay in and watch others live theirs?"—that literally spelling it out dilutes the impact. The contrast between meaningless TV chatter and the memories being created outside already provides a pretty good argument for letting your Real Housewives remain on the DVR.

Client: Puma
Agency: Droga5 NY
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Executive Creative Directors: Nik Studzinski / Ted Royer
Associate Creative Directors: Tim Gordon / Amanda Clelland
Head of Integrated Production: Sally-Ann Dale
Agency Producer: Sam Kilbreth
Strategy: Ben Jenkins
Account Director: Nick Phelps
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Fredrik Bond
DOP: Roman Vas'yanov
Partners/Executive Producers: Cassie Hulen / Kate Leahy
Producer: Line Postmyr
Editorial: Marshall Street Editors
Editor: Patric Ryan
Assistant Editor: Elena De Palma
Executive Producer: Kath Sawszak
Producer: S.J. O'Mara
Post Production: Absolute Post NY
Executive Producer: Melanie Wickham
Senior Producer :Melissa Stephano
Lead Flame: Dirk Greene
Telecine: Dave Hussey, Company 3
Music: "Pastel," Squeak E. Clean Productions
Sound Design: Nylon Studios NY
Designer: Dave Robertson
Sound: Nylon Studios NY
Mixer: Dave Robertson

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