Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Citi Confirmed as Headline Sponsor of Lions Entertainment‏

Provider of Leading Entertainment Access Program, Citi Private Pass, to Host Closing Party
11 May 2016 - Lions Entertainment, the new specialist event from Cannes Lions dedicated to unskippable creativity, has announced Citi as headline sponsor of this year’s event.
Terry Savage, Chairman, Lions Festivals, said, “Citi understands the purpose of Lions Entertainment and what they are doing as a brand resonates with the purpose of this new specialist event. Their innovative thinking within the entertainment space is testament to the power that strategic partnerships with both talent and the entertainment industry as a whole can have on a brands' visibility and business.”
Citi’s unique approach to partnerships across the sports and entertainment industries has driven brand loyalty and engagement, as well as fostering emotional connections from their customers. Their Entertainment Access Programme gives customers access to tickets to thousands of live events annually through the Citi® Private Pass® program. Last year alone they worked with more than 1,400 artists to offer early access to concert tickets, as well as curated special events and VIP experiences.
“We at Citi are immensely proud to be involved with this meeting of the world’s most creative minds,” says Jennifer Breithaupt, Managing Director, Media, Advertising and Global Entertainment at Citi. “As we strive to innovate to be the bank of the future and, through Citi Private Pass – the bank’s entertainment access program – offer customers once-in-a-lifetime experiences, we hope to inspire and in turn, be inspired at this year’s Cannes Lions.”

During Lions Entertainment, Citi will host breakfast networking to kick-start the day for Lions Entertainment delegates. They will also help bring the event to a close as official sponsors of the Lions Entertainment After Party, which follows the awards ceremony on Friday 24 June.
Lions Entertainment takes place in Cannes, France, from 23-24 June.A two day content programme will see leaders from CBS, Hulu, Spotify and WWE join Hollywood screen and production talent, Grammy-winning artists, sports leaders and next generation content companies. Two associated Lions – the Entertainment Lions and the Entertainment Lions for Music – will award the prestigious Lion trophy to creatively exceptional work.

Further information can be found at, where information on passes to attend can also be found. 



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