Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Cranium One is the latest shared office space to birth in Lagos. They recently celebrated the official launch of their coworking space last week Friday at their plush site in VI. The founder, Olaotan Towry-Coker had this to say, ‘were happy to provide affordable, yet premium office space to the thousands of entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses in need of a professional and welcoming work environment.’

Cranium One is a modern and professional work space that comes at an affordable cost. Located in the heart of Lagos - Victoria Island, this exquisitely furnished, premium space provides a combination of ergonomic design, thoughtfully crafted spacing, well-planned community management and capacity building.

Cranium One provides a broad range of interactive learning classes that cover topics such as branding, creative thinking, project management and marketing so individuals can develop skills that give their work and play new energy.

Members of Cranium One will get more than just desk space, they will also benefit from an engaging environment, shared skills and resources, increased motivation, an expanded network of professional contacts, and sense of community.

Some of the Cranium One features include (but not limited to) - funky and functional open and closed working spaces, high-end private offices, fixed desks, hot desks, high speed Wi-Fi, capacity building workshops and seminars amongst many.

Cranium One creates an environment that fosters innovation and ideation.

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