Friday, 25 March 2016

Tom Dixon Takes the Exquiste Hennessy X.O to the Next Level

First created by the great Maurice Hennessy back in 1870 for his close circle of friend, the alluring Hennessy X.O. could be easily considered the quintessential symbol of the French cognac house, and no one would argue otherwise.
The X.O has been a turning point in history, aged for a long time, some for more than 30 years to get that unparalleled bold, rich and complex taste. That’s why it was called X.O in the first place, these letters coming from “Extra Old”.
Featuring an exceptionally long finish and a compelling aroma of old leather, black pepper and oak, the Hennessy X.O. has always been a true icon of the Maison and if you thought its looks didn’t match the amazing quality of this elixir, the renowned designer Tom Dixon decided to give a helping hand.
Hennessy teamed up with Tom Dixon for the dazzling Hennessy X.O Exclusive Collection, a wonderful product packaged in a refined iconic decanter, designed by Gerald de Geoffre back in 1947.
This collaborative masterpiece will be available in limited numbers, coming in black and gold, and being as impressive to the eye as it is teasing to the pallets. The golden touch is absolutely amazing, as the carafe is adorned with a repeated kaleidoscope of polygons, reflecting light in an elegant manner.


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