Friday, 13 November 2015

Shop & pay with your phone!

Cash, debit cards, credit cards & cheques are a thing of the past. Shop & pay with your phone!
The Future of Payments Is Your Phone!

Dear Friend,
How many times have you gone out, made a purchase but forgot your debit card? How annoying is it to go to a restaurant & enjoy the experience only to have it all ruined by your credit card being declined? How many times have you not had enough money to pay for something & had to find an ATM or leave the purchase all together?

It's frustrating!

Access Bank has created a brilliant new solution that cancels all your payment hassles, for good! Introducing: PayWithCapture.
PayWithCapture is a simple yet innovative mobile payment application, that enables you to link your payment cards, mobile wallet & bank account to your handset. It's free to download & can be used with leading brands like Air France, Jumia, Easy Taxi, Arik Air, Spar & Domino's Pizza, just to name a few.
How It Works
  1. Just add what payment type you want to use (credit/debit card, bank account, mobile wallet)
  2. Scan the merchant's QR Code with your phone's camera
  3. Confirm the amount & pay. No payment system is simpler!
Use the Referral Code upon activating the app and get awesome goodies in the process.


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