Thursday, 26 November 2015

A believable newspaper in an unbelievable country

The series of TVC tell unbelieveble stories of the political and social life of Argentina to celebrate the newspaper´s 10th anniversary.
Added on 11/23/15
To see the TV spots click here:
 “A believable newspaper in an unbelievable country”, by Mercado McCann to Diário Perfil
 Smart, creative and historically rich, a campaign encompassing 9 TVCs, print ads and radio spots was created by Mercado McCann to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Argentinian national newspaper Diário Perfil.
 The TV spot combines photographs and film footage of Argentina's most bizarre news stories to prove the point that Diário Perfil is a source of truth in a country where the most hard-to-believe events occur. The tagline: "A believable newspaper in an unbelievable country."


Agency: Mercado McCann
Client: Editorial Perfil
General creative director: Martin Mercado
Executive Creative Directors: Diego Tuya, Darío Rial.
Creative Directors: Nicolás Ochoa, Nicolás Massimino.
Creatives: Antonino Campostrini, Alejandro Rattenbach.
Production house: Postmedia.
General Account Director: Agustín Coste.
Sound production: Twins
Head of production: Agustín Borgognoni.
Producer: Hernán Pedros.
Client approval: Javier Calvo.
McCann WG

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