Sunday, 6 September 2015

Coca-Cola prints native names in its bottles in McCann Lima campaign

The Share a Coke campaign, despite being a worldwide success, did not encompass native names in many countries, especially in Latin America. The initiative was especially welcomed with enthusiasm in Peru. Still, being a country with huge cultural diversity, a lot of names, specially native ones, didn’t get the chance to be part of it.
To extend this initiative, enabling everyone to have their names printed in a Coca Cola bottle, McCann Lima created a campaign that invited the Quechua people to join the celebration.
Agency: McCann Lima
CCO: Mauricio Fernández Maldonado / Nicolás Romanó
Copywriters: Tyto Delgado / Roberto López
Account VP: Andrea Rosselló
Account Director: Eleni Polizogopulos
Production house: Tunche Films
Producer: Carla Dextre
Sound production: Sin Anestesia
Client approval: Isabel Briseño 

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