Saturday, 25 July 2015

Fantastic Prizes Up For Grabs With the Connect Nigeria’s Summer of SME Campaign

Paint your nails to a movie ticket! Eat your way to airtime credit! Shop your way to a gift card!
Connect Nigeria wants you to win great prizes for supporting SMEs this summer! Transacting any business soon at a particular joint, at a cafeteria or at a print business? Simply log on to, search for the business and stand a chance of winning a gift card, an airtime recharge card or a movie ticket at a cinema to watch any movie of your choice!
Wait! There is more! At the end of the Summer is the GRAND PRIZE!!! It could be a highly sought after technology tool or a dinner with a celebrity or CEO or we can just fly you off somewhere exotic, you never know!  

For individuals:
Step 1: Log on to and type in the small business you want to transact with.

Step 2: Take a screen grab/capture of the page
Step 3: Use the business
Step 4: Take a photograph or screen grab/capture the proof of transaction (receipt).

Step 5: Send both pictures to
The higher the number of business you use, the higher your chances of winning the GRAND PRIZE!  

For SME owners:
SME owners are not left out of the fun! Do you know that the more your customers search for you on, the higher your chances of winning the GRAND PRIZE? All you need to do is to make sure that your business is CONFIRMED! To get your business confirmed:
Step 1: Send a photograph of your business card, your letterhead, a photograph of your business building and if you are a restaurant or a spa, send us a picture of your menu
Step 2: Keep spreading the word about the promo so that your customers can search for your business on
A win-win situation for all summer loving, Nigeria loving individuals who want Nigerian businesses to grow!
Note: If you cannot find the business you searched for on www.connectnigeria,com, let us know by sending us an email at or call +234-809-800-5000

– Individuals need to register on to stand the chance to win great prizes weekly.
– The SME must be Nigerian-owned.
So, keep shopping! Keep promoting Nigerian SMEs on Connect Nigeria!
The competition commenced on 21st July, 2015 and will end on the 30th  of September, 2015 so HURRY!

Make sure you follow us on Twitter: @connectnigeria and use the hashtag #CNSummerGiveAway #CNSummerShopping to get fresh updates.  


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