Thursday, 23 April 2015


The Bijou collection is a gem in the world of Chanel eyewear, directly inspired by the costume jewelry that was so characteristic of Gabrielle Chanel’s look. Previous editions have drawn on the Byzantine style and the twinkling constellations of the Milky Way. The optical glasses and sunglasses in this third year of the collection are adorned with the cabochons, pearls and rhinestones that glittered and shone upon Mademoiselle Chanel's sautoirs, brooches and cuffs, creating a timeless collection that exudes elegance.
The Bijou de Couture collection comprises two lines: Cabochon Précieux and Cabochon Couture, which are crafted with finely wrought metals and the unique know-how of the House. Arms are resplendent with cabochons, pearls and rhinestones that are hand-set in delicate metal structures to give the precious appearance of jewellery. The “CC” logo poised delicately atop a cabochon lends the ultimate touch of refinement to the frames.
The Cabochon Précieux line is available in sunglasses and optical frames, in rectangular, oval and cat-eye shapes, while the Cabochon Couture line is exclusively reserved for sunglasses in oversized, round and square shapes, all of which are unapologetically feminine.
Both lines are swathed in an elegant, low-key palette of black, tortoiseshell and dark red.
Chanel Bijou 2015 Eyewear Collection 1
Chanel Bijou 2015 Eyewear Collection 2
Chanel Bijou 2015 Eyewear Collection 3
Chanel Bijou 2015 Eyewear Collection 4

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