Wednesday, 18 February 2015

#MyVoteMyDemand – The Underplayed Power of The Nigerian Electorate

It’s that season when politicians and the masses become ‘business partners’, so to say. Since the elective politician cannot be elected or re-elected without the votes of the masses, hence they adorn their best bargaining gear and puppy face to woo the electorate.

Their partner in development is anyone that can vote them in, and that anyone is you. How’s that possible?, for in your hand is one of the most potent weapon ever invented for governance – a Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC).

The irony of the matter is that, how many people realise how powerful they are, or their relevance in the scheme of things. How many of those who will be voting in the 2015 general elections understand that they are partners in development plan or lack of it of the politicians they elect?

Now, the most important and thought provoking question: how many of us realise that for our vote, there must be an equal demand for which those we vote for must pledge to fulfil when they get into office?

Nigeria’s leadership history of the democratic years precisely, has been littered with unfulfilled promises and national fund looting by the leaders and their cronies. Preceding several elections, politicians were fond of the rhetoric’s of I-will-build-the-world-for-you but on being elected, became aloof to the plight of the masses.

The masses on a large scale tend to have an unfair positioning, as in many situations are unaware of their rights, how to express them or maximise these rights. Instances when they even know them, are unable or largely unwilling to place a demand on the politicians.

But, with the explosion in the use of the internet via social media for information dissemination and social activism, the average politician, used to shying away from scrutiny, can now be compelled to defend his stewardship or lack of it.

At last, it is a lot more easier for the masses to know their rights, demand the attention and responsive action of  those they voted into power, and in situations where the elected fail to meet those demands, can now be called out on their inability or voted out during subsequent elections.

To ensure that the masses are continually abreast with what their rights are and how to demand same is the objective of the #MyVoteMyDemand twitter hashtag campaign, being powered by and individual affiliates.

 #MyVoteMyDemand campaign is a joint effort of passionate Nigerian youths who have employed their abilities and expertise to drive the needed awareness in the hope of awakening amongst Nigerians via social media their role in the development of the type of Nigeria that we all clamour and can be proud of by facilitating through the campaign the following goals and objectives - analyse and review the manifestos of the political aspirants, enlighten Nigerians on the modalities of government policies and how they can be influenced, as well as outline strategies to drive sustainability of demands upon implementation.

 The campaign will also focus on defining the role of the citizenry in driving national development, enlighten the electorate on leadership structures and responsibilities of the various political offices and government organisations and drive discussions about ongoing issues in a bid to promote informed voting amongst the electorate for the candidate of their choice based on their own assessment.

Despite general opinion that Nigerian leaders can’t be compelled to be accountable, it is the hope of the campaign team, on behalf of the populace to drive engagement of the aspirants and their campaign team with the electorate via the open platform of online media, to outline their intended strategies in order to execute their promises and foster a sense of accountability.

The key focus of the #MyVoteMyDemand project is to drive progressive actions and collaborations of key individuals and organisations to compel the aspirants and leaders to deliver on their promises and provide needed infrastructure in key areas such as Security, Health, Infrastructure and policy, Entrepreneurship and enterprise, Power, Education, Employment, and Gender issues.

In order to achieve this, we have employed the capacity of the team and its existing online media network through the curation and dissemination of campaign relevant content and ultimately provide social-support for our community members with the aim of empowering our Nigerian community members with access to developmental information, funding and networking opportunities, which we believe is a vital strategy in ensuring the sustainability of any progressive change demanded for and acceded to by those in leadership..


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