Thursday, 6 June 2013

Intel Focuses on Present With New, Simplified Brand Identity

by Sheila Shayon

Since 2009, Intel has been touting themselves as the "Sponsors of Tomorrow," but now, the storied brand is focusing more closely on the present as it encourages a new wave of tech-savvy consumers to "Look Inside."
The new slogan, a play on the brand's longtime marketing campaign "Intel Inside" is indicative of a shift towards a more focused, crisp brand identity. "'Sponsors of tomorrow' didn’t leverage our heritage as much as 'Look inside' does," Deborah Conrad, VP and CMO at Intel told The New York Times. "'Look inside' is a call to action, and 'Intel inside' says, 'Hey, here I am.'"

The change in market messaging coincides with Intel’s announcement of its fourth-generation Core microarchitecture, formerly code-named Haswell. The hybrid processor-graphics combo on a single chip can deliver 50 percent better battery life than current-generation laptops and twice the graphics performance for computers, gaming machines, desktops and laptops. “The chips use extensive “power gating,” where unused transistors—the on-off components of digital computing—are turned off when they are not in use and reawakened quickly when needed,” explainsVentureBeat.
Intel is also augmenting efforts for its chip usage in mobile devices, with both Samsung and Asustek Computer already committed to using it in their devices. The latest tablet designs for both Android and Windows featuring the new chip will debut around the holiday, according to Gregory Bryant, Intel's Asia Pacific VP/GM. While Intel dominated the personal computer industry for years, their uptake on the smartphone and tablet markets was slow, however a broad partnership with Samsung could change that. 
Part of that partnership will involve the ability for Intel to hook up with Samsung's Smart TVs, which, thanks to the incorporation of the new chip, will be able to stream directly from PCs running it. The expansion into new markets like mobile will boost Intel's addressable market from just $70 billion to closer to $200 billion, according to Fox Business. 


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