Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Mi-Fone, The FIRST African Mobile Devices Brand, has clocked five years of providing Aspiration Within Reach for Africa’s mass-market consumers. Mi-Fone has successfully managed to create its name in the world’s most competitive industry since 2008, and this month they celebrate their five-year milestone. Mi-Fone has built its business organically with zero funding in place.
Since its inception, Mi-Fone has focused on the “bottom of the pyramid” consumers. Mi-Fone has always offered stylish &powerful handsets, offering superior functionality that deliver on performance at pocket-friendly prices. The team at Mi-Fone has managed to keep its offering consistent since the launch of its Mi-OBAMA handset in 2009, and consistent innovation along the way has managed to keep the company relevant in the mobile market.
In 2009, before any other brand, Mi-Fone had Facebook phones in the African marketplace with a direct Facebook key as part of the company’s handset design. Mi-Fone successfully introduced SIM-embedded handsets to operators in 2010, and in 2011 introduced Dual-SIM branded operator handsets in Africa. The innovation continued with the first Android 3G launched in May 2011. This was followed by Africa’s first 60 day battery standby smart-feature phone introduced in 2012, and in 2013,Mi-Fone is set to release handsets that further provide solutions for the African consumer.
Mi-Fone has realistic aspirations to place 50 Million Smart phones into the hands of mass-market African consumers over the next 5 years. They aim to own a double-digit share in the market place as the mobile business in Africa continues to heat up at a rapid pace. The company has a non-competitive strategy to create its legacy in Africa’s mobile space, and its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Alpesh Patel. is adamant that it won’t be achieved by taking on the big brands dollar for dollar.
“We have built phones that look great, are very rich in functionality and have a powerful music link. Music crosses every cultural boundary in Africa. We have seen year on year an ever increasing demand for the Mi-Fone brand. We are now available in more than 14 countries across Africa,” says Alpesh.
On his part, Mi-Fone’s Chief Marketing Officer, Nicolas Regisford, added “The internet remains a novelty for millions on the continent, and the opportunity to connect the masses for the first time to a mobile device is still a major gap in the market place for device manufacturers and mobile network operators.”
Adding, “Within this ecosystem, Mi-Fone’s role is two-fold; Innovation at the high end with smart phones that deliver a world class user experience, and affordable price points, while on the other, the outreach and delivery of basic handsets to the first time user.”
Looking at the future Mi-Fone is well aware of the challenges in the mobile game and believes that as devices continue to become more affordable and phones become similar in their appearance across brands, the ticket will go to the brand that show brilliance though relevant and timely innovation.
“We wish to invite you, to join us in the celebration of true African brilliance. I believe that Africa will enjoy as much inspiration in the next five years as we have seen over the past five. Aspirational brands, aspirational leaders, aspirational artists and most of all, its greatest aspirational people.” Patel concluded.

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