Sunday, 17 March 2013

PepsiCo CMO Salman Amin Leaves for S.C. Johnson

by Dale Buss

PepsiCo's CMO, Salman Amin, is leaving the company for S.C. Johnson on a high note, having helped CEO Indra Nooyi deliver over the last year on a number of crucial, marketing-based promises, including something of a turnaround for the company's flagship Pepsi brand, which is still duking it out with Coca-Cola and other beverage giants.
The departure of the company's Global Chief Marketing Officer from PepsiCo's Purchase, NY, HQ to Racine, Wis.-based S.C. Johnson—maker of Pledge, Glade and other household products—was disclosed in an internal memo at PepsiCo, the Wall Street Journal reported today.
Amin's exit opens up a top marketing job at PepsiCo just as the company has been reportinggains in sales and market share for Pepsi, having doubled down on marketing following the company's market share slip in recent years in U.S. sales even behind Diet Coke.
PepsiCo veteran of more than two decades, Amin became PepsiCo CMO only last May. He was able to leverage a $600 million increase in Pepsi's annual marketing budget and a refocusing of spending on top brands including Pepsi and Gatorade into significant gains. "Salman has made contributions that have touched nearly every market in which we do business," said Zein Abdalla, president of PepsiCo, in the memo, according to Ad Age.

Amin also launched the first-ever global marketing campaign ("Live for Now") for Pepsi and inkedpop star Beyonce to a $50 million partnership that included the halftime performance during last month's Super Bowl telecast.For his next act, Amin reportedly will serve as chief operating officer for privately held S.C. Johnson's North America markets. The company's brands include not only Pledge and Glade but also Windex, Ziploc food-storage bags and containers, Off insect repellent and Raid bug spray.
At S.C. Johnson, the ex-PepsiCo executive will be returning to some of his roots in CPG. Before joining PepsiCo, he spent 10 years at Procter & Gamble.
He's also trading one iconic HQ for another: PepsiCo's bucolic Donald M. Kendall-designed art campus for Johnson's modernist Frank Lloyd Wright-designed complex between Milwaukee and Chicago.
Below, a quote from Amin posted on the company's corporate Facebook page:

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