Wednesday, 6 March 2013

One Year On, Home Owners Commend Maltina

Three consumers of Maltina, the premium non-alcoholic malt brand from the stable of Nigerian Breweries plc have commended the brand for uplifting their lives and putting them on the pedestal of economic sustainability. They made the commendations at separate calls to the brand custodians. The consumers’, Rev. Philip Terhemba Abur, Oluwashola Akinsanya and Adeyinka Adeola were among the five that won a furnished three bedroom apartment at Lekki in Lagos last year. They said it is difficult to believe that a brand can just give out houses to consumers with virtually no strings attached.
Rev Phillip Abur, a Makurdi Benue State born cleric said Maltina did what he never expected. “I must say that anytime I relive the time I got the phone call that I’ve won a house, cold shivers run down my spine because it sounds unbelievable - considering the chronic housing issue in Nigeria today. Ever since I won the house I have become an advocate of the brand and will continue to be. They sure deserve commendation”.
Oluwashola Akinsanya, an electrician then based in Irolu Remo in Ogun State who also relieved when he won the house said the brand is simply amazing. “I was on a PHCN pole fixing an electrical fault for a client when I got the call that I’ve won a house, I almost jumped down from the pole, but I had to restrain myself. I want to thank Maltina because I no longer pay house rent. I now channel the money towards the development of my business which has grown significantly since last year”.
Eight years ago he was in Lagos living with his elder brother. “The condition we were living in was deplorable. I was staying with my brother, his wife and six children in a single room. The situation became so tough that my brother had to send me back home because he could no longer cater for me; that was when I started an internship on electric repairs.” He stressed that there was no way he could have imagined that his brother gesture, which he saw then as been cruel is a projection for him to come back one day, not as tenant in Lagos but a home owner in the same Lagos he has always admired. Oluwasola, who said the doubt lurking in his mind over the issue, has evaporated completely. “I always live with the fear that somebody will come one day and say get out! But I know that will not happen because Maltina is a trusted brand”.
The story is not different with Adeyinka Adeola, the young lad from Mbiama in Rivers State who completed his secondary school education a few months before becoming a proud home owner. He commended Maltina, on behalf of his family for making his dream come true. “It is still unbelievable that I could be in Mbiama and win a wonderful home in Lagos. Now that we no longer pay house rent I can comfortably continue with my higher education”.
Last year Maltina undertook a National Consumer Promotions tagged “Maltina Sharing Happiness Promo”, where it promised to give five brand new furnished homes and millions of Naira to consumers’. This brand promise was fulfilled as each of the winners was presented with their keys at separate occasions which were laden with emotions. 

Against the backdrop of scepticism regarding consumer promotions in the country, the brand put in place all necessary measures to ensure that the process of giving out the homes were as transparent as possible given the fact that the draws and presentations were done on National television with the winners contacted on screen to the full glare of Nigerians. Apart from those that won houses, five other consumers won a million naira each while others won cash prizes and other brand collaterals.
As the brand gears up for its next consumer engagement activation, Mrs. Ngozi Nkwoji, Senior Brand Manager, Maltina once more reiterated the fact that the brand is all about “sharing happiness” and family bonding. “The Maltina story has always been the story of sharing, friendship, togetherness and  a good time with loved ones. It is all about bringing the people together in an atmosphere of friendship. And what better way of bringing people together than by providing them with what makes living worthwhile and enjoyable, that is the brand promise we stand upon.”
The Maltina brand has been noted for exploring creative avenues to consistently engage and reward its consumers. One of these creative consumer engagement platforms is the popular and highly rated Maltina Dance All (MDA) TV  show, a platform for sharing happiness, promoting nourished and energetic people and strong family values.
Since Nigeria came in contact with Maltina in 1976, it has consistently satisfied its consumers with high quality natural malt drink, fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. It is the first and only malt drink officially endorsed by the Nutrition Society Nigeria. This provides Nigerians the vitality and superior nourishment necessary for their daily activities - including those special fun moments shared with friends and loved ones.

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