Saturday, 7 April 2012

Maserati and Bulgari Team Up to Create the Octo Maserati


Two of the world’s most prestigious brands have combined their values to result in a statement of pure luxury. Bulgari and Maserati have chosen to bring their ideas together to create a commemorative piece, the Octo Maserati.
The Octo Maserati is “the quintessential expression of two luxury companies sharing their visions”. The watch will be available in a special series release displating the Maserati trident on a transparent case-back.
The dial consists of a vertical linear design that bears a resemblance to the Maserati’s grille vents. The Octo Maserati, embodying harmony in design and perfect balance in proportion, is synonymous with passion of the kind that holds no compromise.
Pricing details have yet to be released.

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