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Event overview
With the increase penetration of Internet in West Africa, access to the internet leaped four-fold since 2007. Africa contributes 15% of worldwide Internet user populations with Nigeria contributing 45,000,000 of this population; www.internetworldstats.com. With these statistics, there has never been a more opportune time in the commercial history of West Africa for organisations to harness the power and potential of Digital Marketing technologies.
Simon Page Business School, a leading provider of professional business education programmes in Nigeria with offices in Lagos, Accra and London, presents Nigeria’s 1st Digital Marketing Conference and Exhibition.
The Digital Marketing Conference and Exhibition will provide thought leadership for the Digital Marketing industry. Key industry speakers from Nigeria and around the world will inform and educate delegates about the very latest developments in the digital marketing world, looking at the right tools and mix to engage today’s consumers and stakeholders.
This event will attract key decision makers and astute business professionals across corporate Nigeria’s blue chip firms.
The Digital Marketing Conference and Exhibition 2012 will include exciting presentations and insightful training from experts within the global Digital community. This event is attracts fantastic speakers from West African and beyond.
The  DMCE 2012 is the 1st Digital Marketing Conference in West Africa  associated with training and exhibition sessions specifically designed to usher the market to a new world of opportunity and possibilities in Digital Marketing. Delegates will attend this conference to get straight forward solutions to their digital marketing solutions.
This is the very 1st year, the conference already has its own brand identity, a complete look and feel that will reflect a new era, the era of digital and also the learning and possibilities offered at this event.  .The design should use elements that evoke technology but speak to the personal experience gained at the conference.
Because this is the only Digital Marketing conference, the experience is focused more on the benefits our delegates will gain. We want our delegates to feel that we understand their unique lacks and strive to provide them with solutions.
Some of the confirmed session/ presentations for DMCE 2012 include:
·         DIGITAL is NOW: The Future of Marketing for B2B and B2C in Africa.
·         Social Media: A New Age of Measurable ROI in Marketing
·         Social Media MBA
·         Digital Marketing Insights
·         Mobile Commerce and the Value of Personalized Marketing
·         Digital Marketing Insights
·         Full day exhibition (providing a one stop shop for all the delegates will need for their Digital Marketing activities)
  • Senior to mid-level managers of  top FMCGs , Telcomms and white goods organizations in West Africa and it’s environs
  • Digital marketing solutions firm
  • BRANDS raging from FMCG, TELCO, Electronics Manufacturers,
  • Young digital natives
See below big names who have confirmed to speak at the conference
·         Idorenyen  Enang – Managing Director, Nigeria,  Samsung West Africa. Grounded Marketing professional with more than enough case studies of Digital Marketing practices in Africa from the FMCG and White Goods industry
·         Jeremy Spiller- Marketing consultant, has been working with the internet since 1990 and with the web since 1994, founded several digital marketing agencies in the UK. Jeremy is an expert in digital marketing, and in particular search and social media marketing.
·         Christer Holloman, Author Social Media MBA, Head, Digital Product Development. The times and the Sunday Times, UK.
·         Dayo Adefila – COO HotSauce ltd and one of Nigeria’s leading tech entrepreneurs with solid background in marketing and marketing communications. A pioneer instructor of digital marketing in Nigeria and a regular speaker at Social Media Club International events within the market.
·         Representative from E-Payment Platform Association of Nigeria (EPPAN). They work with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on the cashless economy project.
·         Princewill Omorogiuwa- Marketing Expert, Lecturer, Consultant, CEO Simon Page Business School and Chattered Marketer. He has lectured in several universities in Uk and has also consulted for many organisations in Africa. Princewill is grounded in marketing also a digital marketing expert.
In addition, you’ll get below benefits as a delegate and more;
·         Get a Continuous Professional Development Certificate Co-awarded by Simon Page Business School and E-Consultancy UK
·         Get 1 free Digital Marketing Report valued at $400 from E-consultancy UK
·         Know what's on the horizon, for planning future digital marketing and e-commerce activities.
·         Network with your industry peers and share ideas for the future of your marketing strategies.
·         Source new technology solutions and tactical information to deliver successful marketing campaigns.
·         Scale and combine what you know or plug-holes in your current practice
·         Gain unique strategic insight from industry leaders to achieve bigger and better results.
·         You want to meet key suppliers & industry leaders.
·         Learn from the best in the business of digital marketing.
·         Also get 10% discount on all CIM Marketing Courses and 15% discount on all CAM Digital Marketing courses at Simon Page Business School

Register now at www.digitalmarketingnigeria.com and get 10% early bird discount.

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