Monday, 12 March 2012


Swedish dairy company Lindahls is launching its Turkish-style yoghurt in the UK.
The 10% fat cows milk yogurt, is creamier tasting and not as thick as the Greek variety currently available.
It has been successful in Sweden where it is used as a lower calorie replacement for crème Fraiche and cream for breakfast and in desserts and cooking.
Lindahls Turkish-style yoghurt generated much controversial international press coverage in 2010 when the owner of the portrait used on the pack sued the company for £5 million for using the photograph without consent.
The issue was exacerbated by the fact that he was Greek and not Turkish a cultural faux pas as those that know the history of the region will know.
This issue has now been resolved and Lindahls believes that UK consumers will appreciate the taste and texture of the product which Lindahls believes is preferable to Greek style.
Lindahls Turkish-Style yogurt has a 35 day shelf life and is available in four variants:
  • Turkish yoghurt 10% fat 1000g
  • Turkish yoghurt 10% fat 500g
  • Turkish yoghurt 3,5% fat 1000g
  • Turkish yoghurt 10% fat 1000g Biorganic
The company recently won a listing in Selfridges and is now seeking listings across the retail sector.
Lindahls is part of the Skane Dairy Company which holds around 10% of the Swedish liquid milk market.

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