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"Unlike this whole STOPKONY fad which will be forgotten by next month, MI-FONE has been creating positive awareness everyday for the past FOUR YEARS....EMPOWERING the PEOPLE of this REAL video for an insight in to Mi-WORLD, and check out some POSITIVE AFRICAN NEWS:"  - Alpesh Patel
Next month, Mi-Fone will be celebrating it's Fourth anniversary. Over the past four years, Mi-Fone has been bringing POSITIVE change to the lives of Africans.

We've made it our mission to equip Africans with QUALITY, STYLISH and most importantly AFFORDABLE mobile devices. Our handsets are feature packed, offering our customers an exceptional user experience.

Mi-Fone Facts:
First in Africa to come up with the Facebook phone - 2 years ago.
First  in Africa to offer Dual SIM phones to operators.
First in Africa to offer SIM embedded phones to operators i.e. SIM is hidden, you can’t unlock the phone.
First to foster and develop new African musical talent like Liz Ogumbo.
First in Africa to introduce low cost Android phones.

The above facts are just a few highlights of the four year journey Mi-Fone has embarked on thus far.

Watch the below video to see how the "Davids" in the mobile industry have been fighting against the "Goliaths" and bringing postive change whilst doing so.

Keep posted to our social media pages for an exciting 4th anniversary special in April. There will be lots of give-aways and stories to inspire and remind you about the positivity that is taking place in Africa.

It is unfortunate that Africa only gets put in the spotlight when associated with negative people, actions and so forth.

Recently there was a lot of hype around Joseph Kony. Then the phase died down and everyone forgot about AFRICA in just a matter of days.

MI-FONE, however, has been doing IMPORTANT things everyday for the past FOUR YEARS....EMPOWERING the PEOPLE of AFRICA. I encourage you to watch this REAL video to check out POSITIVE AFRICAN NEWS.

Let us make sure that Africa is always in the spotlight, but for the positive things that are happening. I leave you with a quote from Dr Martin Luther King "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter"

Warm Regards,

Alpesh Patel, CEO Mi-Fone

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