Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Emirates introduces new brand positioning

By Lara O'Reilly

Emirates is repositioning the company’s global marketing strategy to target what it calls “globalistas” as it looks to meet its aspirations of becoming the world’s biggest carrier.
A new brand platform, led by a global multimedia marketing campaign carrying a “Hello Tomorrow” strapline, aims to position the airline as the “enabler of global connectivity and meaningful experiences”.
The campaign continues Emirates’ evolution from a travel brand to a global lifestyle brand and will include an increased amount of digital activity in a bid to engage with a younger audience.
Emirates says its new target audience are individuals who are well-travelled, or have ambitions to become well-travelled, and who also embrace the opportunity to try the unfamiliar.
The carrier says “globalistas” also represent its global 45,000-strong workforce.
Emirates also hopes the “Hello Tomorrow” positioning will spark a “global movement”, encouraging people from different communities to join together and make a positive impact on society, rather than just purely serving as a series of adverts for the brand.
Sir Maurice Flanagan, vice chairman of Emirates Airline and Group, says the new corporate image and campaign underlines the confidence the company has in its existing services and the vision it has for the future growth of the brand.
“Emirates is not just offering a way to connect people from point A to point B but is the catalyst to connect people’s hopes, dreams and aspirations,” he adds.
Emirates is predicted by Boston Consulting Group to become the world’s largest airline by capacity by 2015, overtaking rivals such as Delta, United Airlines and American Airlines.
Last year Emirates signed a record deal with Boeing to buy at least 50 twin-aisle passenger aircraft, substantially increasing its capacity and enabling it to roll out more routes to different global destinations.
The “Hello Tomorrow” campaign was created by StrawberryFrog, Emirates’ long-standing lead communications agency.

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